Book 'Dirk Wynants'

Book 'Dirk Wynants'

“Discover the secrets behind the unique success story of the pioneering Extremis company.”

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 “I’ve always been attached to the globe.” Well haven’t we all? Follow Dirk Wynants on a journey to discover the inspiration behind his global design brand and the origin story of his original masterpieces.

The design critic Chris Meplon has been keeping a close eye on the Belgian and international design scene for years. She presents a portrait of Dirk Wynants as an inspiring role model for young designers and entrepreneurs. She also challenges him with twenty incinsive questions. Isn’t functionality a thing of the past? Isn’t Good Design a rather paternalist notion? Does the present-day consumer really know what he wants? The designer’s precise answers provide a mass of information for all those who truly want to learn something about the sense and nonsense of design.

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