Tremist 2 flessen + 2 glazen

Tremist 2 flessen + 2 glazen

Share the taste of our hoppy homegrown Tremist beer with all your loved ones. This gift box with two bottles and two glasses serves togetherness to all!

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Tremist is a refreshing beer brewed with hops from Extremis' backyard in Poperinge. The Extremis headquarters are located in the only hops region in Belgium, the Hopper picnic table was inspired by the hop fields enveloping the company premises, and Dirk Wynants is the proud owner of a proper hop field. Needless to say that it didn't take long for Extremis to also brew its proper beer!

The 'Belgian Saison farmhouse ale' originates from the time that farmers brewed beer in less active months and stored it until seasonal workers doubled the countryside's population during Summer. The ideal moment  to share a drink with their new friends! One bottle serves four glasses, it's the perfect Tool for Togetherness!

This gorgeous gift box contains three bottles to share, is eco-friendly packaged, and delivered straight to your door for instant togetherness!

  • 1 bottle = 0,75 L
  • Alcohol percentage of 6,4%
  • Ingredients: water, barley malt, wheat, hops, yeast, corn, oats

A project by Extremis, St. Bernardus and Kazematten

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